#23 “Mirror Work” by Louise Hay (1)

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
why don’t I celebrate myself at all?

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
will I run or will I fall?

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
you’re my best friend from now on.

 Hello July! 2024年の後半がスタートしました。皆さんはいかがお過ごしでしょうか。

 Amy’s Weekly Letterは今回で、第23号になりました。今までお付き合いいただき大変感謝いたします。


 「ミラーワーク」は英語で「Mirror work」と言い、Louise Hayというアメリカの有名なmotivational speakerが提唱した、自己肯定感を上げるワークです。



 You Can Heal Yourself という有名な本の著者でもあり、self-healingの実践方法を教えた Louise Hay は世界中の人々に励みと感動を届け、世界中の人々にたくさん愛されています。彼女の一番多く知られている実践方法は小さな鏡を用いた mirror work です。

 私はLouise Hayを知ったのは最近ですが、彼女の言葉にはとても魅了されています。ですので、ここでは簡単ですが、Louise Hayのmirror workを紹介させて頂きます。ブログで紹介した内容はこの動画で(1:00~)ご覧できます。

Let’s just take a look at what we see in the mirror.
Just breathe.
I want you to say to yourself your name.

“I love you, I really really love you.
I love you, I really really love you.”

It’s a new thing.
You probably haven’t done it before,
but what you really try to do is to connect to the inner child within –
who has been neglected for so very long.

Most of us, when we look into a mirror,
we criticize ourselves, we make fun of ourselves,
we say derogatory things to ourselves.
It’s a habit.

And what we want you to do is
to start connecting to the inner child within you
that wants so much to be loved
and hasn’t been for perhaps years and years and years,
and maybe never when it was a child.

I know this is a tough one to stay.
But if it’s too tough to start with.
You can start with something like:
Louise, I’m willing to learn to like you.”
Not quite so threatening.

This is something I want you to do, a lot,
first thing in the morning.
I want to get you into a habit having a little mirror with you,
whipping it out at anytime.
Or anytime you pass a mirror,
say something nice to yourself.

I’ll look at myself and say: you look fantastic, kid.
And sometime I’ll say,
you know you may not be as tight and taught as you used to be,
but you’re fabulous, you’re absolutely wonderful.
We wanna (want to) be our own cheerleader.
We want the things we say to ourselves support us and love us and make us feel good,
or maybe make us feel silly.
You know, you’re a HOT POTATO!

It’s not only just saying you love yourself,
but do the affirmation in front of the mirror.
Do forgiveness in front of the mirror.
You have somebody you need to forgive, do it in front of a mirror.
If you have a big mirror, sit down in front of it.
Because you won’t run away. You can’t, it’s too hard to get up.
And you can sit there and you can cry,
but you’ll go through it whatever it is, and it’ll be fast.
The mirror, as small as it may be,
can really help you connect with yourself.
We’ll look into the mirror and say:

How can I make you happy?
What can I do to make you happy today?

いかがでしょうか。私はこの言葉でとても癒されました。次回のAmy’s Weekly Letterにて、以上の英文を3回に分け日本語訳と英語の解説をしていきたいと思います。どうぞお付き合いください。

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