My Poem – If I Had a Life to Live Over

皆さん、こんにちは。Amy’s Weekly Letterの第3号です。一週間がたちましたが、皆さんはいかがお過ごしでしょうか。

わたしは先週より、Amy’s English Classをスタートしました。待ちに待った生徒さんのお顔が見られて、とても嬉しかったです。勉強熱心の皆さんからパワーをもらって、本当に感謝しています。

さて、今週は先週の続き、If I had a live to live over(もう一度人生をやり直せるならば)という詩についてです。英語の原文、文法の解説(Second Conditional)と日本語訳は先週の記事にご紹介しましたので、まだお読みにならない方はぜひご覧ください(リンク)。



以下はわたしのIf I had a live to live over(もう一度人生をやり直せるならば)の詩です。

If I had a life to live over,
I’d dare to make more mistakes.
I’d dare to be seen sillier.
I’d dare to be more vulnerable.

I’ve been a person who always tries to hide her true feelings,
always tries to please others and place herself last.

If I had a life to live over,
I would be more authentic
I would feel free to show my weakness and my tears.
I would be more me instead of anyone else who seems to be “better” than me.

If I had a life to live over,
I would seek less recognition from people and value more my own gratification.
I’d be more honest about what I want to do in my life.
I wouldn’t let my fear lead my choice.
I wouldn’t choose my major at school based on my future job’s salary.

If I had it to do over,
I would follow my heart.
I would admire artists and athletes as much as scientists and accountants (and CEOs).

I would pursue my passion rather than social status.
I would pick peace rather than money.
I would write more poems and less reports.
I would take more photos and wouldn’t worry about the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile 🙂

I would do more yoga.
I would sit and meditate.
I would be closer to the divine.

By Amy (3x years old)

 日本語訳はまだ書いていませんので、今回の詩の日本語はまた次のAmy’s Weekly Letterでご紹介します。もし以上の(わたしが書いた)英語の詩について、日本語訳をチャレンジしたい方はぜひLINEのチャットへ日本語訳をお寄せください~

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